Course Objectives

To meet course specific needs as well as national standards for first year writing, the outcomes for this course comprehensively conform to the framework set out by the Council for Writing Program Administrators in their “Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition.”¬†Once you have completed this course you should be able to:

  • Compose persuasive multimodal texts by making best choices among argument, description, narrative, synthesis, and citation
  • Close read verbal, visual, and audio environmental texts from multiple genres and historical periods critically for form, rhetorical features, underlying assumptions, cultural context, audience constraints, and validity
  • Remain mindful of ways the visual and aural, along with the verbal, engage audiences through modes of persuasion to make choices that integrate multiple modes of representation
  • Compose collaboratively among in-class peers and networks comprised of online users
  • Make choices among tone, style, and grammatical conventions to best suit the content, mode, and context of each text you compose