Date Description
T, Jan 14 Introduction to policies, course requirements, & Domain of One’s Own
R, Jan 16 Campbell, Gardner “Personal Cyber Infrastructure,” “Anatomy of a Domain” & “Why should someone want to do this sort of publishing?”; & Register for a Domain through Reclaim Hosting & Install WordPress
T, Jan 21 Cronan, William. “The Trouble with Wilderness: or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature.” (69-91)
W, Jan 22 Blog Post 1 due by 5:00
R, Jan 23 Thoreau, Henry David. Walden. “Economy.” (844-886)
T, Jan 28 No Class: Snow Day
R, Jan 30 No Class: Snow Day
T, Feb 4 Nixon. “Scenes from the Seabed: The Future of Dissent” Epilogue” (263-280). & “Slow Violence and Environmental Story Telling.”
R, Feb 6 Bennett, Jane. “Powers of the Hoard: Further Notes on Material Agency.”  237-269.
S, Feb 9 Blog post 2 due by 5:00
T, Feb 11 No Class Snow Day
Blog Post 3 due by 12:00 pm
R, Feb 13 No Class: Snow Day
T, Feb 18 Gessner, David. “For the Birds” & “Sick of Nature” (Reserves Direct)
Pollan, Michael. “Some of My Best Friends are Germs”
Blog Post 4: Post Due by 5:00
R, Feb 20 Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”(3-25)
F, Feb 21 Post article to dedicated page by 5:00pm
T, Feb 25 Coetzee, JM. “The Philosophers and the Animals.” The Lives of Animals
R, Feb 27 Coetzee, JM. “The Poets and the Animals.” The Lives of Animals
An Inconvenient Truth (watch excerpts in-class)
S, Mar 1 Blog Post 5 due by 5:00
T, Mar 4 Slideshow Presentations
R, Mar 6 Slideshow Presentations
S, Mar 9 Post video “Slideshows” as video with narration to dedicated page by 5:00pm
Mar 10-14 No Class: Spring Break
T, Mar 18  The Tempest Acts I-II
W, Mar 19 Blog post 6: Badges
R, Mar 20 The Tempest Acts III-IV (Guest Lecturer)
T, Mar 25 The Tempest Acts V
R, Mar 27 Morton, Tim. The Ecological Thought
S, Mar 30 TBA
T, Apr 1 Blog Pos 7t : Essay Introduction & Conclusion W/S: Post drafts to blog by 12:00 pm
R, Apr 3 Essay Workshop
T, Apr 8 Wilson, Edward O. Biophilia
R, Apr 10 Blog Post 8: Essay Body W/S: Post drafts to blog by 12:00 pm
S, Apr 14 Final Draft due as .pdf posted to site by 5:00pm
T, Apr 15 Pollan, Michael, “Desire: Control/Plant: The Potato.” The Botany of Desire
R, Apr 17 Manning, Richard. “Bakken Business: The Price of North Dakota’s Fraking Boom.” (handout)
T, Apr 22 Barlow, Maude & Tony Clarke, Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water.
R, Apr 24 Pairs Domain Workshop
T, Apr 29 Small Group Domain Workshop
T, May 1 Full Class Domain site and research paper workshop
Publish complete Domain sites by 9:00 am & com prepared to screen and discuss your video